Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"People who can read generally agree--maybe only giving lip-service to a mostly forgotten biology class--that the the world 's facing an overpopulation crises."
---"We're running out of natural resources! We're using up all the oil!"
"So when an infant dies or a fetus is aborted, or for that matter when any of us die, who or what loses, where's the tragedy?"
--- "Your babies' lives may mean nothing to you, but our babies are special. Why don't you get a vasectomy if you feel that way?"
"As special as the brown, black or yellow babies in those parts of the world where they haven't the resources to mass produce and distribute condoms, and keep the shit out of the drinking water, or the sense to see the connection between over population disease and hunger?"
---"Are you saying anti-abortionists are racists?"
"I wouldn't know. I'm trying to understand the new laws protecting fetuses along with the constant flood of media reports on the evils of planned parenthood and teen birth control ."
---"Baby killer."
"Don't you see the contradition? Our sentimental feelings about fetuses don't reflect the realities of overpopulation one little bit."
---"I see one stone cold-hearted bastard. Die already and make more room for me and mine."
"Now that makes sense."

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