Monday, October 08, 2007

"It's time to slay the dragon."
---"Don't you mean drain the lizard?"
"I'm talking about the alone time I spend reflecting on the forces and powers that brought me to this place. It's d.i.y. meditation."
---"Om mani padme paddywack give-a-dog-a bone."
"Lately I've been thinking by what tortuous metamorphosis night-blossoms become day- lilies.--That is if they do.-- How is it that soccer Moms blossom among gangsters and psychopaths: how does their indifference create a garden? Do gangsters follow orders and keep their distance from the right people while given carte blanche to harvest those who's committment to growth's fallen below the latest quotas?"
---"And for knowing when to speak out and when to turn away soccer Moms get bone marrow, blood, meat and cereals?"
---"'Count Chocula'"
"On bad days my dragon finds me and ideas about flowers, blood, indifference and everything conceivable are trampled and singed in an instant."
---"Choke the chicken?"

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