Monday, October 22, 2007

"I was always in awe of women; scorned by men."
---"Your scornful compatriots were in awe of women too."
"No one was as drunk on beauty as I was."
---"When they weren't chasing tail, they were working for the cash to chase tail and support their families according to the means to which they were accustomed . What were you doing when everybody was busy getting dizzy?"
"I couldn't say but I know it wasn't that."
---"Do you understand how out-of-it-you were? Do you see how true believers might view what you weren't doing as threatening, crazy or criminal? They're working so hard to get them a little sumptin' something, and you...and you don't care. Don't even notice them falling over themselves, pants and panties around their ankles, tongues lolling, sweat beading from their faces.. ..How have you stayed out of jail? Stayed alive?"

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