Sunday, October 28, 2007

"I don't mind being stupid once in awhile."
---"Once in awhile?"
"I don't try to put anyone on anymore. I like being off-putting."
---"Off-putting sounds like an olympic event."
"In my ill-fitting clothes I've grown into the useless man that women always knew me to be."
"From a half-mile away they see me for the waste of meat I am. As I get more comfortable with myself, their utilitarian hallucinations flare and they become more restive and fearful."
---"It's a restive world afterall."
"I don't like to watch them as they shudder and turn away but that's refreshing compared to the years of imagining that somewhere in one of their exquisite bodies my life's mate may be waiting."
---"The dream is over."
"Let's drink a toast for all the girls and women who never took time to make time with me."
---"Bitter, no? --A little bit maybe? --Just a little?"
"I see paddocks and pens. Men in thick rubber boots carrying buckets of feed through the mud, oblivious to the noise, comments and criticism."
---"Your lady-love waits for you, quickly find her and tell her about these sights you've seen. These things you know in your heart. There's still time to make a world together."
"You promised you wouldn't laugh."
---"How might $10,000 more disposable income a year spruce up that old feed lot."

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