Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Have you seen on late-night tv the 'Inspiratonal Bible Reading Hour?'"
---"I'm not entertained by preachers."
"A man or a woman dressed as a minister stands at a podium in front of a blue screen projection of a world famous cathedral, church or nature scene and reads as if in front of a congregation randomly strung together passages of a few sentences or paragraphs long from the bible. He or she doesn't stop reading, or make any comments, remarks or explanations, but keeps up a steady measured 'preacherly' cadence. The background never varies during the hour but changes from show to show. The use of the three studio cameras is a random as the words of god that find themselves at any particular moment falling from the readers lips to our ears."
---"Every minute of every hour of every day the words of god announce the way to eternal salvation ."
"God needs shills?"

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