Friday, September 21, 2007

"What's the matter with you?"
---"I'm thinking there're more people driving around on any given day of the year stoned---on legally prescribed medication-- then music lovers on illegal dope at all of the summer's music festivals combined."
"Chill dude."
---"Chill? I had to jump over two tables, a chair and a row of planters to avoid being pushed into a plate glass window by a sixty-something year old man driving a Buick and grinning because he'ld forgotten which pedal was the brake and which was the gas. I think I saw a pair of legs under the car.The car's drive wheel was lifted off the sidewalk just enough to stop him from driving into the store. He was still smiling and gunning the engine while his radio blared easy listening tunes when I decided I was okay and there was nothing I could do for the injured and left."
"Dude lawsuit: make the stoners pay!"
---"If they'ld grow their hair long, wear beads and funny clothes, we'ld have a chance to see them coming and get out of their way."
'There's more of them then there are of us, don't expect laws making it difficult for the drug companies to keep them high."
---"How about legislation stopping them from operating heavy machinery?"
"The feds raised the age of retirement. How will these people get to work if there were pharmaceutical restrictions on their driving privileges? Lawmakers would also have to look at drug interactions, and that's something no doctors, social workers, HMO providers or shareholders in the drug industry ever want to happen."

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