Monday, September 10, 2007

"She had nothing until they chose her for a bride."
---"He was no one until she showed him his true worth."
"Put an organization in charge of helping these two meet, give them a safe place and some form of community to welcome their love and you've created a motivated group of grateful people."
---"Are you describing those groups disguised as grass-roots organizations from which Republicans motivate the masses and grow or season their future leaders?"
"Democrats too but nowhere near the scale of those primarily church-sponsored missions ...From all classes, not only the under-priviledged, kids are being taught to embrace cult-thought, cult-speak and behavior at younger and younger ages. Individuality is already suspect, soon to be criminally taboo.
--Now let's talk about the issues voters want their candidates to address and how these Republican PACs make them disappear of remake them acceptable to their foundations and leaders."

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