Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"I'ld say the more rules there are; the more a job, a project or a event is structured, the better I perform and the happier I am. ...That's probably one of reasons I'm such a big sports fan."
---"I thought you were all about the uniforms, the balls and the big bats."
---"Nevermind...Did you ever think how insane the rules governing competitive sports are?"
"They only appear that way to the ignorant and the uninitiated."
---"How the rules of any sport--those watched each week by milions of viewers around the world--if taken out of context could be the invention of teams of insomniac ocd-ers, poor souls crippled by multiple obsessive-compulsive-psychiatric disorders?"
"When did you become such a stick-in the mud?"
---"I enjoy how so many close-minded fans can be entertained for hours watching the innane, if highly skilled and specialized, behavior of people in uniform they'ld never tolerate for a minute from lone non-competing less physically imposing crazies."
"Nobody likes amateurs."

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