Friday, September 21, 2007

"If the Saudis or the US State Department---whoever---sold the rights of future Bin Laden videos to a sole media distributer that distributor could make his videos 'pay for view'. Everytime a news outlet showed a segment they'ld have to pay a royalty fee. Which could be a nice chunk of change for a private enterprise but also a fairly accurate measurement of the publics interest in what the experts say Bin Laden is saying."
---I heard that anyone recorded singing for rebroadcast even a few notes of 'Happy Birthday' must pay the estate of the song's creator a hefty fee. "
"When Sinatra was alive he never alllowed recordings of his to be used on tv, in movies, in casinos or for publicity purposes."
---"Sinatra was an artist."
"How many American citizens would have to die in a terrorist attack during the upcoming Presidential campaign for the Republicans to have a better then even chance of keeping the White House?"
---"I thought the neo-cons plan was to destroy America's foreign policy, leaving it, the deficit and our falling down infrastructure for the Democrates to clean up?"

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