Monday, September 17, 2007

"I don't know where it came from, but you've got this crazy idea that USAs national security apparatus, which may at times use and can always overrule America's military, customs, immigration, DOJ, every last one of our 17,000 separate law enforcement agencies, along with our various nuclear and environmental regulatory agencies is partnered with organized crime."
---"It has to do with a Time-Life book I read in my early teens on assassinations in America in the 1960's & '70's.-- Including the attempt on that racist populist governor of Alabama.--Through ignorance, I saw the murders and attempted murders as less to do with destroying or attempting to destroy those particular men and their leadership and more about clearing the landscape. As a lesson to other politicians, to all Americans that the families who control America will no longer tolerate the popularization of certain ideas and policies and the targeting of certain criminal activities. The assassinations were part of a coup that took a number of years to complete and as far as I can tell organized crime and white collar criminals have benefitted the most while millions of Americans continue to watch the quality of their lives decline."
"That's right blame the oil men, the gangsters and their friends in the Pentagon for your inability to adapt to the new markets created by less government interference in our lives."
---"'Idee fixe'."
---"That's what my feeling about America's gargantuan national national security state is called:'idee fixe'."

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