Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"We were fighting for a better world and when we came back nothing had changed."
---"But you had. ...Didn't they warn you? Didn't they tell you, it was a job? And while it was the best job in the world as part of the greatest fighting machine the world's ever seen, the media, your family and even you will never know how your dedication and attention helped keep America safe and free?"
"Tell that to the men and women who came back missing limbs, organs or parts of their brains. Better yet tell the families of those who came back, neatly packaged, wrapped in flags: 'your son, daughter, wife, husband, father, mother, brother or sister was doing the best job they could, under the circumstances --a model employee--right up until the point..."
---"They became heroes?
"I was gonna say, '...they had their on-the job accident'."

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