Monday, August 27, 2007

"Two brothers molested by priests..."
---"That's old news."
"Their mother went to Mass and said the rosary everyday. ...The brothers kept the secret."
---"The same priests? ...How many? How long did it go on?"
"Although they're now too old for the sanctum sanctorum, they're both on the payroll."
---"You're not suggesting..."
"They've become heretic-hunters, goons for God, silencing those with a unhealthy interest in the finances and daily operations of the Church ."
---"What's the point, the Church is prepared to pay hundreds of milions of dollars in civil settlements for victims of their paedophile priests."
"Some people insist it'll take more than lawsuits for 'traditions' inside the Church to change. So few priests were jailed for these crimes. ...I always wondered what other organizations, besides churches, allow their members to abuse children? Could the institutional sexual abuse of children really have been limited to American priests?"
---"Doesn't Disneyland have a "Club 33"? ...On second thought what makes you think paedophiles-- priests, Mormons. pipe-fitters or Masons would require assistance, recognition, a nod-and-a-wink or fruit juice and cookies from their bosses to do what they do?"
"But you gotta wonder why the Church and not the pipe-fitters for example work to keep their perverts out of jail and on the job."
---"There is that."

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