Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Since whatever I got moved in and took over the spare room, the remotes, the closets and most of the refrigerator with its egotistical pain, it's been a struggle to give the better part of my attention to the things that make life matter."
---"Can doctors prescribe pain-killers for mystery diseases?"
"I don't know but I soon may wish I had a more moderate history with alcohol: treating it less as a social lubricant and more like an anodyne. ...I don't know if I can learn to drink just enough to take the edge off.. I don't want to walk around half-in-the bag, until it becomes necessary. Alcohol is expensive and why add the dull twilight thud of a hang-over onto the other stuff? "
---"I see how the criminalization of pot and other DIY-type herbal pain relievers becomes this whole other thing for you. It becomes personal."

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