Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Is a casino a 'hard target' or a 'soft target'?"
---"I'm not sure..."
"Is a church a 'hard target' or a 'soft target'? The National Cathedral? A synagogue? The church in DC where the Opus Dei Supreme Court judges worship?"
---"I'm not sure I'm comfortable talking about hard and soft targets."
"But every place in America is either one or the other. Homeland Security's got a massive list. When people are arrested for demonstrating, the DA will bring out the list to add to the unlawful assembly or disturbing the peace charges... Is a shopping mall a hard target? If it's on or near a US military base? How near?"
---"I don't like talking about subjects that can get me arrested in airports or on airplanes. It's a rule I made up since I saw a guy dragged off a plane after a fellow passenger asked him what was the title of the book he was reading and another passenger 'distinctly' heard him say, 'Bombed in New Haven' . It happened while boarding a flight from LAX to Atlanta."

"Who decides who's a 'high value' terrorist suspect? Are 'low value' terrorist prisoners treated that much differently? --Is there even a 'low value terrorist suspect' CIA classification?"--Do 'low value' detainees get to watch an extra hour of tv every night? Have a choice between the pudding cup or the fruit cup? Are given an extra pillow? Often have the cells with a window in which the sky is visible? Spend half the time on the dunking board as 'high value' suspects? Are only stripped naked for doctor's visits and showers? Are sometimes on a first name basis with their guards? Are allowed packages, photos and letters from home? Are permitted to sleep with lights out? Are given other books than the Koran to read? Sometimes get to choose the music the guards blare into their cells?"
---"Go ahead make jokes, but not around me --please."

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