Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"I can' t leave all of this behind. --it needs me."
---"Uh huh."
"They need me."
---"Have you talked to them lately?"
"She needs me."

"If I'm on the table and heroic measures become necessary, would they give it just a little more effort if I was wearing jewelry: a gold wedding band, a diamond encrusted silver crucifix pendant, a praying-hands locket with photos of a boy and girl or a scapula certified as blest by the most recent Pope?"
---"I'm almost certain financial triage was done within minutes of your being admitted. So everybody in the room who cares pretty much knows your networth and the number of your dependents and probably what model and year car your drive. Consider yourself fortunate you may have a disease that makes you an unsuitable organ donor."

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