Friday, August 17, 2007

"Funny, as I grow older and more comfortable with myself, I see there are more and more people with whom I have nothing in common, nothing to say."
---"A club of one."
"Am I the only one who's noticed this growing chasm: otherwise ordinary people who've become as inexplicable as men from Mars, or head-hunters from Borneo?"
---"Ahh once you get to know their ways, they're not so strange. ..You're probably a little behind the curve. Most people have already barricaded their doors against the epidemic of inexplicableness with neo-racist political activism, old fashioned book burning bigotry and a refound committment to some ancient desert faiths' paranoid notions of chosen people. ...Maybe it's time you're reborn."
"But I don't want to be crazy like that! Not like that...not like them."
---"Then keep your mouth shut. You're a minority of one among the persecuted masses. It's not safe. When newly elected President Clinton shuts down Bush's 'faith-based' initiatives, a lot of newly unemployed faithful will have their faith tested like never before. Things might get ugly. The various incarnations of the one true god may instruct them to make new again the sacrifices of Abraham."

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