Friday, August 31, 2007

"After Jason's ex-con cousin moved in his cat disappeared, his fish died and Jennifer won't go over there anymore."
---"How long is he going to stay?"
"Jason says Brad has a number of outstanding warrants and plans to turn himself in as soon as the producers of the reality-show 'Bounty Girls' set the date for the filming of his capture and arrest. ...Brad said they might even film the raid in Jason's apartment."
---"Jason doesn't mind?"
"You know how star-struck he gets. Brad says TV-Guide magazine plans to use his name and photo in an article about 'Bounty Girls' scheduled for their Christmas issue. His manager claims offers for commercials, public appearances and a book are already coming in."
---"He has a manager?"
"Brad promised Jason he'll soon buy him a car and put on the payroll as his personal assistant. Jason says he's looking forward to moving to LA and a new career in show business--he hopes to produce someday. ..He never knew there were so many different things you can do with a sharpened piece of metal."

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