Monday, July 02, 2007

"You know my theory that President Bush is a submissive and his wife Laura is a dominatrix?"
"And that over these past six years most of his political appointees, Christian and Jewish alike, are members of various BDSM clubs?"
"Well recently I began to wonder if having these cultists in charge of the most powerful military on earth has emboldened sadists all over America. One of their own's running things... Is it possible that many more missing men, women and children then before the Bushies took the White House are bound and gagged in suburban dungeons or working as drugged slaves in the best homes, on farms and for churches? It's their golden age. And maybe, just maybe vast sections of urban and rural highways have become their hunting grounds or an 'underground railroad' in reverse."
---"Geez, look at the time--I gotta run. ...'Call you."

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