Thursday, July 05, 2007

"What about all the murdered or missing pregnant women in the news lately?"
---"Oh yeah. It's a freakin' epidemic".
"Isn't it a hate-crime to injure a fetus?"
---"I don't know. --I'm wondering why now? What's making those men go crazy?"
"You mean like where were they last year?"
---"Or five months ago!"
"Gambling debts and the new bankruptcy regulations? Christian family-values backlash? Compassionate conservative cruelty? Brain viruses from third world immigrants? The biological imperative at work?"
---"Is it possible humans have a 'killer lemmings' switch? --What's evolution, what's our DNA trying to tell us?"
"We should ask our local sociobiologist."
---"I can't afford the suggested tithe or the traditional blesed pocket protector."
"They don't take phone or email inquiries?"
---"What do you think? --That's how they get you."

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