Sunday, July 29, 2007

"They 'monitor' the police and the police don't mind? The police don't 'monitor' them or tell them to back off?"
---"They've a number of retired and ex-cops so the police know there's nothing to fear. Plus they volunteer and help the local police with their charities and regularly throw great parties for the heroes on the front lines. ...They're not the Black Panthers."
"Do they follow cops on patrol, or wait until they see flashing lights or what?"
---"They know which guys on the job who don't mind being followed and if there's something in progress they're always welcomed. More eyes equals more witnesses and a lot of them have carry permits if there's a situation."
"I mean how do they know when something cool's going on?"
---"They've got state of the art police radio scanners. They got walkie talkies and even their own encrypted radio band and more then a few half-blind ham radio and computer operators and their wives and kids listening in or logged-on day and night. Along with cell phones, text messaging---ipods?---and laptops for their men in cars. They get state and federal grants. Even when there are no emergencies or arrests, they keep records of incidents and addresses where police are sent. It's also been rumored they have extensive files on local teens who're 'coming of age'. With names, addresses and bios.--likes and dislikes--maybe photos and videos--collected by the observant men who drive around or while attending school functions open to the public."
"There isn't much that escapes their attention."
---"Most people would say they're every communities best defense against crime and terrorism. Others if they knew how extensive their networks have become might call them our worst offense against individual freedom and democracy."

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