Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"One Tuesday in June she had a mystical experience. She got to see her future. She spent time with an older woman who was the epitome of eveything she was working towards. It was a singular experience--a sign--as if the fates had picked her out and gave her a whole day to get acquainted with the person she will someday be. She felt the oddly familiar gentle yet insistent touch of time close in around her as she saw that all her childhood daydreams might very well come true.
One might ask why did she then within the week quit her prized internship, have one of her friends house-sit her apartment and take her dog for an extended vacation: 'to see the buffalo herds on the high plain outside the Black Hills of South Dakota' or so she claimed?"
---"Was it a sign? Was she a special person singled out for greatness?"
"Of course she's special. ... As for being singled out for greatness, it may be too early to tell but a surer sign of fate directing the course of her life might've been not having the foresight of seeing her future self in that older woman?"

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