Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"I had this dream about reading a printed page of instructions for medicine or an electronic device. I can see only about a dozen words: the others are blurred or out of focus. I then dream that I'm hearing myself read as if every word on the page was printed clearly, in English and part of my vocabulary. While reading I notice I never hear any of the few words I was at first sure I could pick out. The page still appears blurred and unreadable but there I am 'reading' it with ease.
The dream ends with me feeling I've learned something new and useful--that I've been informed. While knowing what I thought I was reading , what makes me feel informed, isn't anywhere on the page. I woke-up feeling good."
---"God that was awful. Why can't you dream about celebrities appearing at your front door wrapped in nothing but a black satin sheet worn as a burkka but open in the front, like everybody else? ...You're as dull as you look."

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