Friday, July 13, 2007

"He's good with animals: dogs seem to like him."
---"I bet they find him fascinating."
"He wants to marry and raise a family."
---"He's been comped at every casino he's played."
"He's saving to buy a little house in the suburbs with a big back yard."
---"Club girls say he's lots of fun and a real nice guy."
"He could be the one."
---"Don't make me get those radical feminists to do their coma-cure on you."
"You don't want me to be happy."
---"They take you to an undisclosed location where for two or three weeks they monitor you in an induced coma--your brain's supposed to reset itself or something-- while private investigators watch your boyfriend and find out if he's been lying to you and how he spends his time and money."
"You're jealous."

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