Friday, June 15, 2007

(reads) "'God has never imagined ruling over Creation. He would work his will and make things with it, and when they came to life and ran off, that was fine with him. Nor did he much want to remember all that he made. He wanted innovation: this and only this excited and amused him. God was alone, he was always alone, and all stories about his companion are invention. One need only imagine what it was like to be alone. Would, say a human have found it any easier? One comes upon all kinds of thoughts when alone, and these thoughts of God became Creation.'"
"C'mon. Is a lone creator, a non-sovereign god, so difficult to picture?"
---"Billions of souls throughout history and hundreds of millions of living souls today proclaim otherwise."
"Yeah. 'The Greatest Show on Earth'."
---"Don't you mean, 'The Greatest Story Ever Told'?"

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