Sunday, June 24, 2007

"The people I was trained to see are now protected by Homeland Security."
---"When you talk in rhyme, I get nervous."
"...The ones that cause most misery."
---"You did enough. --You did good, given what you're given."
"My life isn't getting any easier."
---"Listen Che, the rules were written before you were born. That holy hell of theirs is a self-replicating organism, in which its members darkest impulses are more or less under bureaucratic control. Where hate, avarice and other human cruelties are doled out as ammunition or medals. No one can stop it, no one should be tricked into thinking they should try. --Sorry."
"You mean drugged, seduced or blackmailed into trying?"
---"You still have a lot of unfocused rage don't you?"
"Excuse me?"
---"Hey I'm just the messenger here. I'm not blowing smoke in your direction, putting stuff in your coffee."

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