Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"'The one true woman'..."
---"As in: 'She's 'the one true woman'? or Where is 'the one true woman'? or On a scale-of-one-to-ten compared to 'the one true woman'...?"
"I'm picturing more of a super-heroine."
---"Like Lara Croft? --That's cool. But by 'true' do you mean loyal and faithful or authentic and real?"
"I don't think faithfulness is much of a super-power."
---"But authenticity is?"
"Like a touchstone. Her verisimilitude exposes the hypocrisy, secrets and lies of everyone and everything that comes near her."
---"Couldn't loyalty and faithfulness wielded by one of your super-heroes likewise be super-charged? Exposing the duplicity and plotting etc., etc.?"
---If there's a 'one true woman' somewhere on earth would there also be a 'one true man'?"

"Yeah but their destiny, their fate is that they're never to meet."
---"Better yet they meet all the time. They work in adjoining cubicles in the same office; collaborate on projects; have lunch together everyday. They even like some of the same music and tv shows but for some reason or another are blind to the other's singular trueness."
"Until a bag lady tricks 'the one true woman' into buying a ugly old ring from her..."
---"Could there also be a 'one true hermaphrodite'?"
"I'm thinking about 'one true' animals, insects, stones, trees, lakes, mountains and rivers."
---"Vacation resorts, casinos, restaurants, golf courses, museums and tanning salons?"

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