Saturday, June 30, 2007

"I'm at the gas station filling up the old SUV and in drives these Mid-Eastern-looking guys with two large plastic gas containers. One guy fills them and the other guy pays, their car apparently didn't need gas, and right after they left--I swear--no more than ten minutes after they pulled in, two cop-cars with flashing lights have their car wedged in less then a quarter-mile away. Someone at the station must've called. I look at the good-ole boys hanging around and the Saturday afternoon errand-runners, thinking it's some kind of joke but nobody is shaking their head in disbelief or smiling in embarrassment. A few are too busy to notice but everybody else either gawking or kibitzing are as serious as death."
---"Serves them right?"
"More like 'the system works'."

---"We should thank Jesus our great-great-grandmothers were raped by the conquerers from the north and not the Turks from the south."
"I think a mountain range had something to do with it."
---"Breeding will tell."

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