Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Did you ever wonder what percentage of men-- say on any given Friday-- need other men to get them dates?"
---"Looking around here I'ld say about 75%."
"What's in it for the women who go on dates arranged by men?"
---"Carrie said you were a prude."
"I'm not a prude."
---"A misogynist then. --You are aware that now more women then anytime in history are free to explore their sexuality? That more women then ever are in leadership positions in business, in government and the military and the dating network you find difficult to comprehend has likewise grown and evolved to the point where there're women in charge? And coincidentally more then enough volunteer work to include women who need their security but don't care to be on call every night or even every week? --Wake up and smell the coffee."
"I'm not a misogynist; I'm a misanthropist. Too many exploring women won't do a thing without party authorization and those male and female associates skulking around: watching, controlling...insinuating."
---"Insinuating: la-de-da. So you're shy: get over yourself.--It's a wide-world orgy! On second thought your reluctance to enjoy yourself in the presence of others sounds kinda gay."
"Fuck you."
---"You wish. You take what they give you."

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