Monday, May 14, 2007

"Is it normal to feel like crying in the morning?"
---"Doesn't it depend on what you were doing the night before? Or what you're facing on that particular day? "
"In gothic & romance novels countless women & girls cry themselves to sleep, but crying first thing in the morning sounds more like the stuff of clinical reports than fiction."
---"We don't see much crying on tv & in the movies because advertisers and movie makers've learned today's audiences are more often confused or amused rather than moved and sympathetic to the weeping character's plight. ... I'm sure there are pills that specifically treat morning lacrimation. I imagine they're robin's egg blue and tear-drop shaped."
"At three bucks a pop, plus the side-effects, the costs for tests and the five minutes spent talking with the doctor every other month or so?"
---"Hey! Grievers can't be choosers."

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