Saturday, May 26, 2007

"I'll begin: it was essential to tear-out the foundations of her life'...."
---" order to prepare the ground for the new harvest."
" order to make room for their orchard of strange fruit."
---" order to erect another temple to Priapus."
"...because of rumors of a fountain of youth."
---" order to make sacrifices on newly consecrated ground most pleasing to the lord god on high."
" order to dig a well for water that might quench the unquenchable thirst which has afflicted and driven to madness both good and bad men alike."
---"'It was essential to tear out the foundations of her life to make her one of them."
" frighten away her husband and old friends."
---" order to scar her with the specialness of her new life and to discourage her from reflecting on what they removed."
"They left her Jesus, her respect for male authority, her innate willingness to do a good job and the stuffed animals she played with as a child."
---"Every last one."

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