Thursday, May 17, 2007

"I can understand in times of war that the state must take certain security measures..."
---"Even during 'wars without end.'?"
"So I'm not concerned when my mail comes with envelopes ripped, packages punched with holes and mangled obviously searched boxes."
---"Postal workers have to be the sorriest civil servants among the millions working in America today."
"They must have a rate of alcoholism almost double their tax-supported brethen."
---"Even greater than cops and firemen."
"...I forgot what I was talking about."
---"Someone's opening your mail?"
"Oh yeah.---I can see how my mail or anyone's mail might increase paranoia among the poor poops at the post office, where powdered sugar's a wmd, but it pisses me off when FedEx and UPS likewise go all postal on my envelopes and packages."
---"You think corporations are banned from Homeland Security's gravy train?"
"I never had a head for business."

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