Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"Sometimes I feel I'm psychically in touch with a number of people."
---'Well there's your parents, your sisters and brothers, and Naomi, Biff, Muffy, and Cheroot."
"No. I'm talking about feeling connected to people I've never met through a psychic thread, an intra-dimensional plasmatic cord."
---"Maybe your Dad fooled around on your Mom, or your Mom secretly gave away some of your other brothers and sisters? ... Maybe Naomi had kids you don't know about?"
"No. no. This feeling has nothing to do with blood relations. I'm almost certain there're people out there living in various countries all over the world with whom I move in tandem. People I may never meet, who's faces I may never see but with whom I share a connection I'll never have with others in the flesh. ... Have you seen any of William Blake's illustrations? It feels like that."
---"You've been putting a lot of late hours in? Falling asleep in front of your computer screen? ... What does Naomi think about these other people?"
"I haven't told her."
---"Good for you. Best to keep your psychic family in the psychic realm. ... Do you really want another coffee? Here have this scone and some butter I'm stuffed."

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