Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Look around. Most of the people here voted for Bush.. twice. They might not be happy with gas prices and his wars but he's their president. --He's still 'the President'. They would be more unhappy if someone not like him was their leader. ...Anyway in two years they get to choose again!"
"So what do they know about voting and leadership and loyalty and America that you don't? What's wrong with you?"
---"My Grandma talks alot about macular degeneration. There's this blurry spot in one of her eyes that's always with her but is most annoying when she reads because it blocks out some of the letters in the words. ... I think people contruct blinds--not only for their leaders--that block out certain parts of the picture. As long as they don't look too closely, they can still function without feeling impaired."

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