Sunday, April 29, 2007

"I've been in a lousy mood all morning."
---"It's a beautiful day!"
"I've been thinking about the human-reptile hybrids. Y'know--Bush, Cheney, Rove; the criminal dynasties; the royal families and their spawn and armies worldwide."
---"Look milfs."
"God I hate them. They way they thrive on lies, ancient fears and modern violence."
---"In shorts and tee-shirts, Dude!"
"What if as the earth becomes more & more inhospitable through desertification, chemical, industrial and nuclear wastes, overpopulation and wars the reptile-hominoids drive us sapiens to extinction like we did the neanderthals?"
---" I think one smiled at me."
"What if they're the crown of creation--not us? What if their reptile-brain inspired economies requiring the destruction of every natural system on earth can't be slowed or reversed?"
---"I think I'm gonna go talk to her."
"What if it's already too late?"

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