Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"He's so popular hundreds of millions of people believe everything his speech-writers have him say."
---"She's so popular she doesn't speak unless she's reciting lines in a movie or when forced to do a press junket for those movies her marketing people find have limited appeal. ... A blogger calculated that for her last movie her pay averaged out to $300,000 per word of dialog."
"Was that the one where she pole-danced for the terrorist?"
---"Oh yeah."
"He's so popular people don't care about the lies he tells or the lies others tell for him. They can't stop believing in him."
---"She's so popular movie-goers still pay to see her even though her fanatic fans find it difficult to remember anything she's said from any of movies she's been in.--There's been studies done. ... There are rumors she's taken a vow of silence and doesn't speak a word until a sizable donation is first made to her church's Swiss bank account. ... Paparazzi are said to be stalking her 24/7 with microphones and have surrounded her various homes, the one's in Africa & Asia too, with the most sensitive voice-recognition listening devices from suppliers for the NSA."

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