Monday, March 05, 2007

(reads) "'He was the solitary mad man. The whole sane society was leagued together not to save but to slay him. ... I thought I had a right to be alarmed because I was creeping through the bowels of the earth in the dark and there was a man who would destroy me. What would it have been like if the destroyer had been up in the daylight and had owned all the earth and commanded all the armies and crowds. How if he had been able to stop all the earth so to smoke me out of my hole or kill me the moment I put my nose out in the daylight. What was it like to deal with murder on that scale? The world has forgotten these things.'"
---"For me the people in books speak from the past, through the author--two universes removed. I prefer the stories and characters I see on tv and in the movies. They're alive, on screen and off. ... I'm not that good with collage--it doesn't scan--I guess I'm better with montage. ... I wonder what my nephews and nieces with their game characters think of the way I watch movies and tv? --My movie stars and tv friends?"
"You got me thinking about 'smell-o-vision'."

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