Thursday, March 22, 2007

"I'm getting tired of this-- one more time: it's not your fault she chose the Mouseketeers over you."
---"Yeah but..."
"And at the time didn't Uncle Walt offer you a place on his team? Ticket-taker, usher, doorman or towel boy"?
---"Yeah but..."
"It was nobody's fault the nurses messed up the drugs. I know what you think about dosing people, but those drugs are specifically adapted to ease the selected into their new roles and responsibilities as contributors to Fantasyland. Futhermore, they've been doing it for years and no one complains."
"---"Yeah most don't know about the drugging."
"Now this is crucial so pay attention-- it wasn't about you. She was the prize, they weren't after you. If there was anything special about you, would you now have problems getting dates? You were never the target: grow up already. ... Keep on thinking the way you're thinking and you're going to die alone replaying nothing but the lost hours of the lost days of your life. She'll die--maybe also alone--but not with any thoughts of you or of a life lost. She'll have the memories of the men they gave her and all the women she helped free from men like you. Capice?"
---"I understand. I'm sorry for my jealousy and selfishness in the face of her need for personal power and my childishness in response to their benevolence. I know what a fool I was but what can I do; how can I now contribute to the future America they possess? Do you know anyone that can help make it right? Anyone who can put me on the right track?"
"Sorry Joe, me love you long time, but me no can do. --It don't work that way, it's still A-Number 1 secret. Gotta keep the Mouseketeer movers and shakers, judges and juries, doctors, social workers, druggists, security-ops and everyone who works for Fantasyland safe. Gotta keep what the Daddies and Mommies do for fun and to save their marriages from the kids, don't you know?"
---"Until the kids themselves are big enough for the 'Matterhorn' ride?"
"Something like that."

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