Tuesday, March 06, 2007

"I was dropping and knocking things over all day."
---"We're you rushed?"
"No it was my day off--I was on 'Naomi time'. ... It felt like I wasn't quite in my body. As if everything I was doing was being done six or eight inches up, down, to the right or left from where I normally do it."
---"The man behind the curtain took the day off too. ..The rider wasn't seated in the saddle. ..Elvis had left the building. --You ever hear about 'walk-ins'? ..You were doing a little walking out."
"Is everything weird that happens because of UFOs?"
---"Carlos Castenada says the ancient Toltec Indians of Mexico knew all about 'walk-ins'.
"And here I thought I was experiencing early symptoms of some incurable neurological disorder .... A mystical-religious explanation for tragedy is always more reassuring, if less plausible, then say for example a medical one? --Thank you Don Juan."
---"If it is a serious disease, you'll be making up your own religious explanations for it sooner or later."
"Me? Never."

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