Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"After I stormed out of the kitchen I sat on a lawn chair in the garage for almost an hour--at a loss for what to do. --Should I stay or should I go?"
"The growing cold from under the door and off the floor on my knees, nose, butt and elbows at first amplified the pain and doubt I was feeling. My muscles stayed clenched like they were during the arguement. Then as the cold continued up my legs and spread over my arms, back and face I could see things change. There's was the hurt and there's was the cold and there's was the cold, hurt me. Then the cold hurt was distinctly not the same hurt that brought me there...and then I was no longer the same hurt me. Right before I stood up to go I got the impression the cold was slowly but relentlessly mocking me and my situation."

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