Thursday, February 01, 2007

"With so many mood altering pharmaceuticals available to doctors and druggies alike you ever wonder if religious organizations have found their own uses for those drugs?"
---"You mean like in Jonestown, Waco, Muslim suicide bombers or the polygamous Mormon wives?"

"Those are the extreme cases. I'm wondering what part if any pharmaceuticals might play in religious conversions: in being reborn, with individuals accepting Jesus as their personal savior, etc."
---"Not Jesus-juice-- a Jesus pill?"
"Is it possible the religious right owes the hippies and their drug experimentation more than hatred or forgiveness? Could the Republicans' Christian base have at its core a mass involuntary drug program? With thousands of true believers living off the afterglow and flashbacks of their think-tank designer-drug conversion experiences; promoted and managed this time by multi-billion dollar endowed churches, institutions and mainstream media?"
---"A stealth drug culture with government approval, mass appeal, and Biblical authority!?" (laughs)
"I'm not kidding."
---"Chill Felicity. Say a prayer or something: you get so serious."

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