Friday, February 16, 2007

"Sounds like?"
"Take your time. ... Is it bigger than a bread box? ... Nevermind, it'll come to you."
---"Did you ever see that movie about Helen Kellar?"
"Waugh, waugh, waugh...The Miracle Worker"?
---"Did you know she was a radical leftist?"
"No but that's hardly inspirational...and box office poison."
---"There aren't enough angry role models in the media. Where's our Mr. T?"
"Al Gore? ... World Class Wrestling's still popular... and at least once a week Fox, CNN and BBC show video of angry muslim crowds doing their thing somewhere in the world."
---"How about a Helen Kellar cartoon character and video game?"
"Where in the name of equality, justice and profit-sharing she car-jacks SUVs, robs gun-stores and smokes everyone and everything that tries to stop her?"

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