Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lately I've noticed there're more blacks--more African-Americans--in tv commercials."
---"Oreo cookies, cough syrup, hair products?"
"No I'm talking about insurance companies, banks, pharmaceuticals and department stores."
---"Not WalMart."
"Even an automobile commercial-- I can't remember which car, whether it was American or Japanese--and I'm almost certain it was a local spot, the production values weren't that great."
---"No tinted film stock, long-legged blonds in designer dresses and rock and roll sound track?"
"I think these commercials signify that America's advertisers are no longer afraid of white-backlash. That Americans now recognize Arabs--Muslims--as their most feared and scapegoated other."
---"It probably has more to do with advances in marketing demographics than new bigotry.

Which state do you think gets the most daily e-mails from miltary personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan?"
"The District of Columbia...Texas."
---"If you correct for population?"
"Gotta be somewhere in the south."

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