Tuesday, February 06, 2007

He seemed to imply that having sex with the women they provided was my birthright. ... Nobody ever told me I had a birthright."
---"Seemed to imply?"
"I never learned to be comfortable with servants."
---"That's a shame."
"Then he said, 'You've lost your birthright'."
---"Who was this guy?"
"I think he expected me to get angry."
---"With who--with whom?"
"Later I wondered about others' birthrights. Does everybody have them: do my neighbors? When do they first learn about them? How do they claim and maintain them?"
---"Nobody's ever told me about birthrights either. ... My grandparents have a cabin and twenty acres in Cheboygan which my parents, aunts and uncles argue over."
"Sheboygan Wisconsin?"
---"Cheboygan Michigan."

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