Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"'Only that which is valuable is protected, and that very protection draws attention – it attracts through the act of providing security. The defense itself is a lure.'"
---"Allure? ... Homeland Security's technologies and systems as sex-aids: the States' security protocols for humiliating, that is, for 'securing' its citizens have become mass foreplay."
"Security is serious business."
---"Britney, Paris, Lindsay, Angelina are America's Helen of Troy, Florence Nightingale, Rosie the Riveter and Lady Liberty mashed together."
"You're confusing notoriety with value."
---"We all suffer the multi-billion-dollar exertions of the State's paranoia gladly. Secured in the knowledge that our discomfort enables these young women...or young women similar to them.. to be publicly besieged by media-money, paparazzi, alcoholism and drug be free!"

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