Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Listen to this (opens book & reads). 'When we are confused or in pain we often judge ourselves as not spiritual enough but the awakened heart does not judge anything. Not our family or our love, nor our pain and confusion, our passion or anger ..Terrible harm has been done by this misunderstanding. In mature spirituality we are willing to have a dialog with pain, with evil, to hold them in our prayers. In situations of great pain someone has to consciously suffer the impact to become the ground where the sorrows can be held & reworked. These things can be carried with grace. The heart has to hold the whole of suffering to be transformed'."
---"That's what you found? That's supposed to help? Rework the evil? Have a dialog with sorrow? Hold the hole of suffering? That's the way.. out!?"
"Meditate on it."
---"Meditate on this!" (hand gesture)

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