Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"I think a lot of burnouts, the druggies who are no longer fun--always in-or-out of jail or treatment, always on-or-off their meds--are not so much poster children for what happens with excessive self-medication but instead are gov't' black budget experiment rejects."
---"UFO abductees? Probe--ees? (laughs)
"That plus other secret eugenic programs. Initially to make soldiers better killers, but they're way beyond that now."
---"Their rejects are everywhere: where are their successes?"
"There's a rumor that some corporations and top secret agencies no longer require applicants for security jobs take lie-detector tests. Instead there's a simple non-invasive procedure involving a modified MRI machine, prescribed drugs and periodic brain scans."
---"I never liked those cops at the mall."

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