Monday, November 20, 2006

"Remember that guy who claims his neighbors are slowly poisoning him with pesticide poppers? He told me they're more active when there're terror-alerts."
---"Didn't Homeland Security discontinue terror-alerts a couple of years ago?"
"He says it always gets more difficult for him to breathe around holidays and during weekends."
---"What use would Homeland Security have for pesticide poppers, if there were such things? How could they keep them a secret? ... ''Thank-God-it's-terror-alert-Friday'? C'mon. ... And 'Terror Thanksgiving' sounds like a b-movie from the 1980's. Top secret agents rush around the streets of New York trying to stop terrorists from exploding a nuclear device in the middle of Macy's parade. ..It's planted in one of the giant balloons! ..But which one?! Can they find it in time?!! ... Seriously why do you waste your time talking to him?"
"He's the last of his kind..spiraling towards extinction. My own personal Panda, Mountain Gorilla, California Condor."
"You and your wounded birds....How do you know he's not dangerous?"

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