Saturday, November 04, 2006

"No one talks about the power of imagination to transform the world."
---"Imagination went the way of LSD. ... These days surrealists are only found talking to themselves on street corners in the poor parts of town or working in advertising agencies."
"Transformation is an obsolete idea anyway. People want to get it right, to have the right things, to know what's right: not change from one thing into another."
---"You're only reborn once."
"What's odd is that so many people believe perfection is attainable. Whether it's perfect conduct, the perfect wedding, perfect vacation, storm, haircut, or pair of shoes. Perfection is an everyday word, part of everybodies' vocabulary."
---"Perfection is purchasable --is that a word? Imagination's not so much."
"The power of perfection to rock your world!"

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