Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"I've been thinking about super-heroes wondering if their powers took a toll on those closest to them."
---"Other than problems with their secret identities? Making their loved-ones targets for revenge?"
"More basic than that. What if their super powers were dependent upon, or in some way tied into, the loss of others' not-so-super powers?"
"You mean like vampires?"
"Not that basic. --An ordinary person learns she can fly around the same time her husband's in a car accident and wheel-chair-bound for life. A mind-reader takes care of a severely autistic brother; whose mind is too painfully chaotic to reach. A hero with super-strength has children with physically degenerative diseases. A clairvoyant is paired with blind non-clairvoyants.; Plastic-man with a severely arthritic mother; Flash with an agoraphobic."
---"Taoist super-heroes."
"Their super-lives would be more than a series of Herculean tasks to perform, wrongs to make right."
---"Where's the inspiration in that? People already know how to make excuses."

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