Friday, October 06, 2006

"Lately I've been spending a lot of time sitting around and waiting: no music, no conversation, no books or magazines--waiting."
---"Time ain't money if all you got is time."
"Anyway, I've been noticing these recurring sensations."
"Memories of places."
---"Not girl-friends, parties, winning moments, life's-milestones? --I forgot who I'm talking to.--Postcards, slides, movies or video?"
"They're not very visual, and they don't last long, but they're very distinct and pleasurable. Like someone's opened a slat on a window blind on outdoor places I've visited."
---"Nature voyeur."
"I get a quick look. I can name the place I'm shown but I can't recognize precise details. I might know for example that's the riverview outside Springfield we stopped at once but I couldn't tell you why I know it is. I don't exactly see what I'm remembering but I'm certain of 'where' I'm remembering and the best part is, it feels good."
---"How pre-dementia praecox-ish."
"If senility's like this, that would be sweet."

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